Mahila shakti swayam seva.

By the women for the women

organisation started in 1990 by Late.Mrs Kusumdevi Janardhanprasad.

A very poor lady. but she was willing to do hardwork to help others.

she came to know that without money, nobody actully can help

anyone. So she launched a fantastic program through which each

lady can earn around 50,000/- Rs per month. And at the same time

eavry women will have to help each earn & work together.

the fundamental of the organisation is help others to get helped.

the women who were actually dependent had worked hard to make others


 we are sure that definitely you will feel, you have good strength, you are not

alone, our biggest group is with you who can disappear your darkness & you

will enter very soon in Soul Light.

There is saying “behind every successful man there is a woman. This single line

expresses women’s ability & strength. My dear if you have some doubt you can

confirm, women can not only run a home she can run bike, cycle, car, bus,   

aeroplane, space is also covered by her.

But my sweet heart, if a girl has no parents you cant imagine, only who suffers,

she knows Before marriage parents are decision taker & after marriage

husband is decision taker (I don’t want to increase by saying brother , brother

in law )to take any decision of her life. If woman is divorcee parent too never

support the daughter. & women are always getting dominated.

Instead of bearing mental or finance torture. Instead of committing to suicide

or giving up in the bad situation. Better to think & solve the problem with help

of us. Our main motto is to increase your finance status & increase your social

group. That will be always & ever ready to help you.

Just imagine if you would have great earnings & huge social group to help you

& support you. You will be a powerful woman.

Easy steps to join us.

Mahila shakti Kendra is based on  SHG Self Helped Group

1.Every woman has to register with a nominal fees of Rs.400/-

2.Within a week you have to complete “A” Layer by registering 4 joiners in your
 group, so you will be eligible to receive your first week salary.

 3.It is an easiest job of 10 weeks to co-ordinate with your created group         

   & help them to achieve A layer, So you can easily earn Rs. 1.5 Lac within 10    

4.Registration amount is accepted by cash only.

5.All the collected cash of registration Amount must be with your managers      only.

6.Each registered woman is eligible for monthly salary of Rs. 5,000/- to    50,000/-  after successful completion of “E” Layer.

7.As this is a charitable organization each group should participate in a social task decided by your group members.

8.Manager has to decide with group members about their future social task.

submit plan & quotation of funds they need  for their social task

9.It is mandatory for all the managers to meet each & every registered woman
to understand her problems & to convey our organizations mission.

10.All the managers will be entitled to get monthly recharge of Rs 100/- &

traveling allowance of Rs 200/- on monthly basis after successful completion of
“D” layer.

for more details feel free to write us.